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Casement Windows in Weston-super-Mare & Somerset

Casement Windows in Weston-super-Mare & Somerset

Popular throughout Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, and the surrounding area for their versatility, our double glazed casement windows attach to the frames with hinges on the side. They can be opened either inwards or outwards or have hinges either on the top or bottom of the frame. This makes them an incredibly versatile window solution.

Mobility-Friendly Casement Windows

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We manufacture our casement windows using high-quality materials at our manufacturing facility. We have made our casement windows unique by installing a special crank mechanism that allows our casement windows to be opened with just one hand. This makes them ideal for anyone, including those with mobility issues.

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Energy Efficient

To provide your Weston-super-Mare or Somerset home with excellent thermal efficiency, all our casement windows have been manufactured using the latest multi-chambered window technology that traps pockets of warm air. Additionally, our casement windows come with gaskets to provide a continuous seal to keep draughts out.

Lifetime Guarantee

Because of our high-quality casement windows, we are confident enough to provide you with a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee on your casement window.


Our casement window comes with state-of-the-art multi-locking security features to protect you and your Weston-super-Mare or Somerset home. Additionally, our casement windows have also been approved by the Official Police Security Initiative and have been Kitemarked for their incredible resistance to damage.

Finance Options

We offer flexible monthly payments, interest-free credit, and buy now/pay later for our casement windows, with no finance required.

Customisation Options



Charcoal Sticks












Further Customisation

Not only do our casement windows come with various colour and glazing customisation options, but they are also available in various frame designs. Because of this, you will be able to match your casement window frames to other areas of your home.

Additionally, we offer various finishing options for our casement windows. Because we create our own casement windows, we will also be able to manufacture them to meet your exact specifications for your Somerset or Weston-super-Mare property.

An Improved Choice

With our casement windows, you will also be able to benefit from peace of mind because of the various advantages they offer. With features such as improved security, acoustic reduction, and thermal insulation, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy a warmer, safer, and more cost-effective Weston-super-Mare or Somerset home.

Not only that, but our friendly expert team also provides excellent customer service and aftercare. Because of this, we promise that we will do our best to leave you as a satisfied customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between top-hung and side-hung casement windows?

Top-hung casement windows have hinges at the top but open at the bottom, which makes them ideal for ventilating a room without letting rain in. Side-hung windows are good at capturing passing breezes as they can be easily angled to direct fresh air into your home.

Is a casement window the same as a picture window?

A casement window swings open and allows lots of fresh air into your property. In contrast, a picture window cannot open and acts purely as a viewing point.

Are casement windows energy efficient?

Yes! When closed, a casement window is fully sealed as the sash presses against the frame and creates a protective seal. This prevents cold air from entering and heat from escaping, resulting in a warmer Weston-super-Mare or Somerset home that is less expensive to run.

If you want to increase the energy efficiency and noise reduction of your casement window, then we recommend double or triple glazing them. If you live in a very noisy area, we also have Stadip Silence window laminate for amazing noise-cancellation properties.

Are casement windows worth it?

Yes, we believe that casement windows are beneficial for several reasons. One of the primary reasons casement windows are worth it is that they offer extra natural light and are excellent at ventilating homes. Despite this, your Weston-super-Mare or Somerset property will still be warm and cosy because of the tight seal that blocks chilly air from entering.

How much are casement windows?

It is difficult to provide a price for your casement window as the material you choose, estimated fitting time, and other factors contribute to the overall costs. The best way to get a price is to contact a member of our friendly expert team at 01934 624632.

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