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Roof Trims & Fascias in Weston-super-Mare & Somerset

Roof Trims & Fascias in Weston-super-Mare & Somerset

To add a sleek and professional look to your Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, or nearby property, consider our extensive range of roof trims and fascias. We offer a wide variety of customisation options for them so that you can make them either blend in or stand out from the rest of your home.

Durable Roof Trims & Fascias

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Our roof trims and fascias are designed and manufactured using high-quality engineering and materials. By doing so, our roof trims and fascias will keep your Weston-super-Mare or Somerset property in excellent condition for many years to come. If you would like to discuss getting roof trims or fascias for your property with one of our experts, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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Weather Resistant

Our roof trims and fascias can withstand even the worst of British weather.


We use durable and high-quality uPVC to manufacture our roof trims and fascias so they last for many years to come.


Our roof trims and fascias are available in various colours to match the rest of your home.


Because our roof trims and facias are made-to-measure, they will fit your property perfectly.

Customisation Options

Home Inspiration


A fascia is a series of vertically positioned boards that are fixed to the lower edge of your roofline. Fascia is clearly visible from the outside, which means they are a great way to enhance the appearance of your Weston-super-Mare or Somerset property.

Fascias are important as they support the bottom row of roof tiles and act as a strong base for guttering to be fitted onto. Fascias also reduce the potential for moisture-related issues, such as rot, to occur by preventing dampness and moisture from penetrating your roof. 

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Roof Trims

“Roof trim” is a generic term that encompasses fascias, soffits, guttering, cladding, and downpipes. Overarchingly, the expression refers to products designed to protect your roof from moisture-related issues and occupy the length of your property. 

Like fascias, roof trims also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Weston-super-Mare or Somerset property and are available in different colours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my fascias need to be replaced?

A sign that your fascias need to be replaced is if your current ones are made out of wood. This is because the weather may have caused rot to set in, leaving your roof space vulnerable. Replacing them with a longer-lasting uPVC alternative is recommended under such circumstances.

Do you offer any customisation options for your fascias and roof trims?

Yes, we do. Our roof trims and fascias are available in neutrals and bright colours. Our colours have been curated to compliment our windows and doors for a professional and streamlined look.

Because our roof trims and fascias are made-to-measure, we are able to customise their exact dimensions to fit your Weston-super-Mare or Somerset property perfectly.

What is the difference between bargeboard, soffit, and fascia?

The fascia runs along the lower perimeter of the roof. It supports the tiles on the bottom layer and the guttering further up. When viewing your home from ground level, you’ll notice the soffits, which run in tandem with the floor and link the fascia to the wall. 

Conversely, a bargeboard secures the gable of a property at the juncture where a pyramid shape is formed. Although less essential than a fascia, a bargeboard is still a stylish feature that can be colour-matched with your soffits and fascias.

How long do roof trim and fascias last?

This will depend on the materials used to make the roof trim and fascia. Almost all traditional properties feature roof trims and fascias built from timber. Wood requires lots of upkeep. If not properly maintained, it can take on water and degrade. 

Modern roof trims are made from uPVC, which has better longevity and requires minimal care. Unless you have lots of free time to sand down and repaint your roof trims and fascia continually, uPVC roof trims and fascias are the better option.

How much are roof trims and fascias?

It is difficult to provide a price for your porch as various factors contribute to the overall costs, such as the customisation options you opt for and your location in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, or the surrounding area. The best way to get a price for our porches is to contact a member of our friendly team at 01934 624632.

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