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Interior design trends you’ll see everywhere in 2021

Interior design trends you’ll see everywhere in 2021

Interior design trends you’ll see everywhere in 2021

You love your home and the decor that makes it your own, but after a long time with little change, it’s beginning to feel a little… outdated. It’s completely natural to want to switch it up every now and again, but often deciding exactly where to start is a tricky task in itself. Let’s see what we can do to make things easier.

When is a good time to update your interior design?

As a rule of thumb, interior designers recommend decorating a room every three to four years. This way, you can keep your interior in line with evolving trends, and most importantly, stay just as fond of the place you call home. And with all of us spending so much more time indoors in 2020, you might feel the itch to decorate sooner than anticipated – but this doesn’t have to mean a full overhaul. Simply repainting the walls can completely transform the feel of a room, as can a new statement piece of furniture.


What are the 2020 interior design trends?

Staying on top of trends can be stressful, especially when it comes to your home. Pick the trends that appeal to you and your lifestyle, rather than starting from scratch just because of a new fashionable interior style you saw in a magazine!

Sustainable home design

People have become increasingly conscious of wanting homes that look great and are kind to the planet too – and natural materials tick both boxes. Timber, bamboo and reclaimed materials have all been used more widely due to their low environmental footprint and high aesthetic appeal. And what’s even more sustainable is up-cycling or buying second-hand – two trends that have resulted in interiors that are both creative and cost-effective.


It turns out in some cases, more really is more. We’re now seeing less of the minimalist Scandi trends that dominated a couple of years ago, in exchange for an embracing of all things pattern, colour and texture – and doing it in excess.


Country living trends have returned in a big way, in the form of ditzy prints and farmhouse chic. Though this time, it’s had a bit of a twist as we’ve seen traditional designs given a contemporary edge. Combining rustic and modern pieces has never looked so good.

Decorating colours in 2021

Warmer neutrals

Many decorating choices in previous years have been based around various shades on the grey spectrum, but in 2020, we’ve seen a move away from these cooler tones. This is only set to increase in 2021. Earthier shades help you create a much cosier feel, while still providing the versatility you look for in neutrals. 


Another result of the lifestyle changes of 2020 is a heightened appreciation of the outdoors. Being around nature relaxes us and restores our senses – so why not bring the outdoors in? Green is predicted to have a surge in popularity. Think mossy and forest greens, as well as olive tones.

Decorating themes

Natural elements

The strip back to nature continues as wicker, rattan and jute become the natural fibres of choice for furniture and decor alike. These textures offer some welcomed variety and help to create a calming, inviting atmosphere.


As our kitchens double as offices and living rooms transition to gyms, we require our homes to be much more multi-functional – and the market has adapted to suit our needs. Look out for savvy storage solutions, and innovative furniture like fold-down desks.

Personalisation of space

It’s a trend that, in a way, fights against all the other trends. Personal style is being championed much more than it has been in previous decades, as we turn away from perfectly-uniform interiors and instead celebrate our own unique tastes. That might mean decor inspired by your travels, or any one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that catch your eye.

Art styles

Bold colours

Take your new-found love for maximalism to the next level with abstract designs and loud colours. And these colours don’t have to fit with your scheme – embrace the mismatched to fill a room with life and personality.

Line art

The trend that’s been taking the internet by storm – line art is here to stay. Face line art is one of its most popular forms, but even the simplest line drawings have an understated elegance of their own. They’re a great addition to any gallery wall.

House plants


While an indoor jungle can bring a real sense of tranquility to your living space, the amount of plant care they require is a lot less desirable. Succulents are the key to achieving the same look with less maintenance. In particular, fishbone and bunny ear cacti are two plants we’ll be seeing a lot more of.

Large leafy plants

There’s something incredibly satisfying about a large leafy plant. Birds of Paradise and Swiss cheese plants have been amongst the best-known in 2020, but 2021 will see a much larger variety. Take The Velvet Calathea, for example – it originates from Central and South American rainforests and has dark, luscious foliage that makes a statement in any room.

When to think about your exterior design

The reasons for making changes to your home’s exterior often come down to functionality – say, if your windows aren’t providing enough sound reduction, or your door’s compromising your home’s energy efficiency. Then when you eventually replace them, it’s seen as a more mundane job than the process of shopping for new decor. That doesn’t have to be the case! 

The style and personality you express in your interior design can be reflected in the exterior of your home too. Whether your windows are due an upgrade, or you just fancy a new look, we have an endless variety of woodgrain colours and premium finishes to choose from at Perfecta. You’ll be amazed at just how much new windows and doors boost your home’s kerb appeal – and you can even match them to your newly transformed interior, whatever your personal style might be.

To take a look at all the guides and tools we offer to help you experiment with design, visit our Looking to Buy? page – or if you want advice from a member of our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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